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Greeting Cards

Mr. Peterman Basic Blank Card
Mr. Peterman Peek-a-boo Blank Card
Mr. Peterman with Bum Blank Card
Mr. Peterman Basic Blank Card

Our cute and funny cards are all based on our five alpacas; Samuel L Jackson, Marty McFly, Mr. Peterman, Newman and Jeff Lebowski. Artwork by deboraH. Each card is made with fiber from our boys! So soft and adorable. Card designs will come and go so if you see one that catches your eye... All cards below are now only $6 each. Or 5 for $25. All proceeds go back to the alpacas.

Coupon - 5 cards for $25

100% Alpaca Dryer Balls

Alpaca Balls

Looking for a natural way to soften your clothes in the dryer? Try our 100% alpaca dryer balls. Throw the three alpaca balls into the dryer with your wet laundry. Balls are approximately the size of a tennis ball. Size may vary as they are handmade. Each set comes with one Marty, one Samuel and one Mr. Peterman!

  • reduces drying time up to 25%
  • softens fabrics naturally
  • no chemicals
  • environmentally friendly
  • balls typically last for 1000 loads of laundry or more!

Dryer balls come in a cute little sack with a hand drawn alpaca on it for storage.

Order your set of three and help support our farm in the process!

100% Alpaca Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Cats go crazy for these balls! Something about the alpaca fibre makes them go nuts. Ha! Our four cats (Lloyd, Yves, Hank Williams and Bocephus) love them. All handmade with the fibre from our alpacas. Comes in a set of 3 balls.

Framed Hearts

Framed Hearts

Adorable, soft felted hearts made with our alpacas fibre in a beautiful handmade (by WADe) frame. Choose from; Samuel (dark brown), Marty (fawn), Mr. Peterman (white), Newman (black) or Jeff (brown). Looking for a great family gift? Check out our larger framed hearts to represent your family members.

Alpaca Fibre Jewelry

Alpaca Fiber Necklaces
Samuel L. Jackson
Mart McFly
Mr. Peterman
Jeff Lebowski

Wear a piece of love around your neck. New! Alpaca Fiber necklaces. Wear your favourite boy. Each alpaca has very different personalities. Match to yourself or for a gift! These are so sweet. Necklace colour is randomized. Choose your favourite below or collect them all!

Alpaca Fertilizer

Fertilized Garden Sample
30lb Bags of Alpaca Poop
30lb Bags of Alpaca Poop

Alpaca Bean Tea (Not for humans! But your plants will LOVE this!)

1 cup alpaca beans
3 litres water
1 old pail (preferably with a lid)

Place your beans in the water in your pail. Generally let sit outside 24 hours until the water is a dark brown. Then water away your plants. The pellets that have not been broken down can be tossed into your outdoor garden.

Would you like to purchase some alpaca poop from Samuel, Marty, Mr. Peterman, Jeff and Newman? Well you can now order it from our farm! Available in 30 pound (15.6 kg) bags and also smaller bags for making Alpaca Bean Tea. Sorry, no delivery available. Pickup from the end of our driveway. Place your order and we will reply to you with details regarding your pickup.

If you are interested in larger quantities, please contact us.

Poop Closeup

Magical Fertilizer for your Garden

Now taking orders for fertilizer! Simply order below and pick up from our farm.

Have you heard about using alpaca poop in your gardens for a fertilizer? It's also referred to as black gold or magical beans for a reason. There are many benefits to using alpaca fertilizer over cow, sheep or goat manure.

  • improves the soil quality and ability to retain water
  • doesn't need to be aged, directly usable
  • lower levels of nitrogen - no plant burning
  • bean shaped and easy to spread
  • virtually odourless
  • doesn't contain weed seeds

There are different ways you can use the beans.

  • Till the beans into your soil in the spring or fall
  • Sprinkle the beans on top of the soil. Every time it rains or you water the beans release goodness into the soil
  • Make a 'tea' to water your indoor or outdoor plants (see recipe)